Lured back by GlossyBox


You may remember a few months ago, after a year and a half of complaining about how disappointed I was by Glossybox’s offerings, I finally bit the bullet and cancelled my subscription. I was fairly happy with myself after seeing April’s box and how small the samples were, but now I’ve been drawn back in. May’s Glossybox is a collaboration with Superdrug – including four full-sized products! Of course it’s sod’s law that a great box is announced right after I cancel my subscription, so I’ve signed up again to receive this one. I may cancel again after that, I’ll see how I’m feeling, but either way, keep an eye out for my unboxing! I’m also showing incredible restraint this month and not watching anyone else’s unboxing videos until I get mine, so I’m hoping it’ll all be a nice surprise!



Discoveries in a secret corner of the Boots website…

I’m going to set pretty ridiculous scene here, but bear with me, it makes sense! So it’s the year 1600 (probably, I’m bad at history) and I’m a brave explorer, venturing into unknown worlds and discovering new lands. Except, it’s actually 2014, so all my modern exploring takes place on the internet instead. And I have discovered something that I think will be of HUGE interest to you guys. It’s a little section of the Boots website, under the ‘Offers’ tab. It’s called When It’s Gone, It’s Gone – pretty self explanatory there, it’s a special offers section. BUT, it has some really good deals!

If like me you raid the Boots gift sets section at Christmas and do 90% of your shopping from there, it’s full of these kinds of products. I’d imagine it’s pretty much the last few items in stock from the three-for-two types of deals that run at the festive season and – as the name suggests – when they’re sold out, that’s it. But until they do sell out, they’re available for seriously knock-down prices.

Here are some of the highlights from the section, but I’d recommend having a good browse through as there is lots besides the gift set stuff, such as baby products, fragrances, stationery, etc.

No 7 Mini Lip Gloss Library – €3.25








FCUK The Little Indulgent Box – €3.25








Sanctuary Handcare Indulgence – €3.90










Natural Collection Passionfruit Party Duo – €0.62



Birchbox Sneak Peak

For those of you who are subscribed to Birchbox, or thinking about subscribing, they have just announced a sneak peak into the May box – and it’s a great one!

Birchbox writes: “It’s time for another May Birchbox spoiler! We’ve loved introducing you to some amazing Benefit Cosmetics products in the past and subscriber reactions have been so positive that we knew it was time to intro you to the UK’s best-selling mascara. Benefit They’re Real! is beloved by many and you’ll get to try it (or gain a travel size for the summer holidays!) in your May box.”


Benefit’s They’re Real has been my go-to mascara for months now, and I really can’t recommend it enough. You how when you find a product that just works, you don’t want to ever use another one? That’s how I feel about this mascara; there’s nothing else on my eyelash radar right now!

I think if you’re on the fence about subscribing it would definitely be worth getting the May box for this product alone. Unfortunately being in Ireland I can’t subscribe (boo, fix this please Birchbox!). I’m still on the lookout for a replacement after I cancelled my Glossybox subscription so send any and all recommendations my way!

Superdrug wishlist

Back many, many years ago, when I didn’t care very much about make-up, I lived near a Superdrug. I would occasionally pop in there for a browse, sometimes I would even purchase, but it was never a must-stop destination for me. Alas, I didn’t know what I had till it was gone. It was only when I moved to the land the Superdrug forgot – aka Cork – that I realised why I needed it – MUA! Where had their palettes been all my life?! Now, I do occasionally do an online MUA shop to pick up the items I really have to have – such as the Naked palette dupes – but for me, nothing really beats being able to see and test a product before you buy it. Online shopping is fine but it does result in spending money on some dud products – such as MUA’s nail polishes – that I wouldn’t have picked up if I had been able to see the quality first.

Now! I’m gonna find myself in Belfast in a little while and what does Belfast have? (Aside from the Titanic stuff, Game of Thrones locations, Boojum, culture, good food and pubs, etc). Belfast has a Superdrug! I’ve already mapped out the location from my hotel (yes, I know, don’t say anything) so I can shop to my heart’s content. But as I’m sure my boyfriend won’t appreciate being dragged around the store for hours, I’ve made up a wishlist so I can be a speedy beauty shopper. Here’s what I’m eyeing up:


Before I even get into the MUA products, there is one budget holy grail product that I’ll be buying a lifetime supply of. I got this Collection 2000 Primed and Ready primer in a beauty box ages ago, and I didn’t expect much from it as it’s a cheap-ish brand. Was I ever wrong. This is – shockingly – the best primer I’ve ever used. I ran out of it a few months ago and nothing I’ve tried since has matched up so I’m looking forward to having a stockpile of this again.

wl2Now on to MUA. Palettes will be the first port of call – they’re so affordable and have such a great range of colours. The MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy palette has a lot of colours I’m missing from my collection, so that’s a must have. It’s a little pricier than the others at £8 but I think it’s well worth it. I had also been going to get the Smokin palette but I think this one should cover all the smokey eye colours.

wl3I will also be picking up a few of the MUA Power Pout Lipsticks, probably in Rendezvous (above) and Broken Hearted (a pale pink colour). I have so many of these chubby lipsticks and I can’t seem to stop buying them lately – I am obsessed!

So that’s my initial shopping list, but I am open to additions! Is there anything I absolutely HAVE to have? Keep in mind this is probably the nearest I’ll be to a Superdrug for another year or more, so any suggestions are welcome!


Would you dare to wear?

While I generally have a good grasp of what colours are popular and what shades I should be wearing for the season, sometimes they can just leave me feeling . . . meh. And here’s a prime example. I’m reliably informed by MUA that lilac lips are hot for spring/summer. Really? Really really? I’m getting a bit of a Wednesday Adamms vibe – I’ll be sticking to my reliable old pinks for spring, thank you! What about you – would you dare to wear MUA’s new Lilac Belle shade?




March Glossybox

Drumroll please, ladies and gentlemen. Here we have the Glossybox that finally – finally – made me click ‘cancel’ on my ongoing subscription. If you’re a regular reader you’ll be aware that I was flip-flopping on cancelling for quite a while. The occasional good products or interesting boxes made me hold out for a while, but with the March Glossybox it seems we’re back to the same old, same old of tiny samples of uninteresting products. I’m now fully in the market for a new beauty box. I tried to sign up for Birchbox last night before realising they don’t ship to Ireland so if anyone can recommend a new box for me please leave a comment!

So, time to get down to the box. Here’s what was in my Glossybox for March.


Upon opening the box the first thing I spotted were sachets. I hate to see sachets in my Glossyboxes – they’re always tiny samples of something, usually too small to get an accurate test of the product so that really bothered me first off. Then, when I realised they were for Vita Liberata Luxury Tan I was even more disappointed. I never, ever use fake tan. I’m paler than pale with that classic Irish complexion so it just doesn’t suit me. Won’t be using this one.

Next up, a tiny sample of Dove intensive repair hair treatment. I don’t mind this so much as a product and I will use it – although I suspect the sample will be too small an amount to treat my hair fully – but it’s just not an exciting product to receive. I’m almost certain we’ve had this or something similar in the past, and to me the whole point of getting beauty boxes is to try new and exciting products. Conditioner for damaged hair, while it may be practical, isn’t fun or exciting.

Third out of the box was Bellapierre eyeshadow in Deja Vous. It’s a nice pink colour, possibly a bit too sparkly for me, but fine.

Mitchell and Peach body cream was a good-sized sample. The product smells nice and I think I will use this.

And finally, the one product I’m quite happy with, which was the Sleek Pout Polish. I got this in Bare Minimum, which is a very light pink shade, and I think there was also a darker pink available. I’m not a huge fan of the texture of this product but I love the smell – it’s just like a vanilla candle.

So there you have it. I haven’t actually seen any bloggers’ reviews of this box so far so I’m not sure what other products were available besides these five, but that is it for me with Glossybox. Onwards to a better beauty box!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is almost upon us again, and if, like me, you live away from home and have to post a gift to your mum, this weekend is your last chance to hit the shops! But don’t panic, I’ve put together a handy guide of gifts that mum will love!


Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Boxed Floral Teaset, €50, Dunnes Stores, here

Personalised Chocolate Bar, £5.99, Boots, here

M&S Lightweight Bird Print Scarf, €13, M&S, here

Sanctuary Triple Moisture Bliss, €6.50, Boots, here

Lily O’Brien’s The Dessert Collection, €8, Tesco

Orla Kiely Zip Tote Linear Stem Stone, €119, Kilkenny, here

NOTD: Spring Nails

The weather is finally improving, the evenings are brighter for longer – it must be spring! I’m shaking off winter’s dark nails and embracing the pastels for the changing season. If you can’t decide what colour to wear, why not try all at once?

bbb (3 of 4)

I am wearing: Bourjois Vacances a Hawaii in 67,  MUA Strawberry Crush, MUA Bold Blue, and Bourjois Vacances a Hawaii in 72

Wet ‘n’ Wild review

The Irish beauty community went into overdrive a few weeks ago when American brand Wet ‘n’ Wild was introduced on Irish shores. And I can see why – it’s a really affordable ‘drugstore’ brand over there that has a massive fanbase. The brand is being stocked at Dunnes Stores and I was really excited to see what products would make it over here from the States. I actually had gotten a Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeshadow palette about a year ago in a make-up swap with a girl in America but unfortunately it got smashed in transit so I’ve never had a chance to try the brand out properly. So that obviously had to be rectified! I high-tailed it to my local Dunnes and picked up a few pieces to review.

bbb (4 of 4)

First impressions of the stand in Dunnes were that it is incredibly well stocked. When you compare to a similar stand from a brand such as Catrice that you can also find in Dunnes, there just seemed to be a far wider range of products in a similarly sized stand. I was a little overwhelmed at first but decided to try a nail polish and a lip balm. I chose the lip balm because I’m still searching for the Revlon matte balms and I wanted something to fill the void until I find it, and chose the polish because they are incredibly affordable and, if good quality, could become a regular purchase.

First up, the nails. This is Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast in Through the Grapevine. I don’t really have any deep plum/grape colours like this in my collection so, even though it isn’t really a spring colour, I thought it would be a good one to try. I was really surprised by the size of the brush – it just seems massive! The bottle claims it is a ‘mani-curve pro-brush’, not entirely sure what that means. But it seemed to hold a tonne of polish even after being wiped so my first attempt at painting my nails ended up really gloopy and I had to remove and start again.

Unfortunately the polish didn’t really last that well. I painted my nails on a Saturday night and had really bad wear by Sunday afternoon – not just tip wear but all over chips. And I wasn’t doing anything more strenuous than watching TV and sleeping, so there was no real reason for it to chip so easily. I did want to like this polish because of how affordable it was but I’m afraid it seems to be a case of you get what you pay for.

bbb (2 of 4)

However, I absolutely loved the lip product I picked up, which was the Megaslicks Balm Stain in Pinky Promise. I’m actually so impressed by this that I’ve decided I no longer NEED the Revlon matte balms (I still WANT them, obviously, but it’s not such a pressing issue anymore!).

wwpinkyThis is a really soft pink colour and it lasts and lasts without any hint of drying. I don’t usually tend to wear that much on my lips during the day as I find it hard to get something subtle enough for my super-pale skin but I think this will become my go-to daily lip stain.

What have you picked up from Wet ‘n’ Wild? Any other products I have to try out?